Marine Tek

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The Marine Tek Window Handle is suitable for use on Aluminium, Timber or PVCu windows, the handle provides a high-quality finish for use in commercial applications.


  • Straight or return grip 
  • High quality finish handle for use in commercial applications
  • Suitable for use on casement or parallel windows 
  • Slim base for clean aesthetic appeal 
  • Suitable for use on Aluminium, Timber or PVCu windows 
  • Avaliable in 316 satin stainless steel SSS or 316 polished stainless steel PSS
  • 19mm diameter round grip 
  • 73mm x 29mm base with cover plate 
  • 7mm² spindle 
  • 37mm long spindle 
  • 90° detent mechanism 
  • 43mm fixing centres 
  • 12 year guarantee (details available upon request) 
  • Painted finish upon request


  • Compliant with EN13126-3 
  • Compliant with BS EN 1670 Grade 5 (480 hours) 

Product Codes

Marine Tek Window Handle
Partcodes Description Boxed Quantity
ASWH002-37 Straight Window Handle 316 SSS 1 off
ASWH102-37 Straight Window Handle 316 PSS 1 off
ASWH003-37 Window Handle with return 316 SSS 1 off
ASWH103-37 Window Handle with return 316 PSS 1 off