Peak performance with new Parallel Plus Hinge variants

Securistyle is extending its market-leading Parallel Plus range to include two new bespoke hinge variants.

New Parallel Plus Hinge

The new Parallel Plus hinges being introduced into the range include the PX1300, which features an opening of 300mm, along with an option which has a 500mm opening. These will allow for larger openings on commercial facades, thus providing increased natural ventilation and smoke egress.

The demand for larger opening gaps is being driven by changing standards and regulations within the building sector globally. For example, the ability to have increased openings is key for specification on high-rise projects across Asia. As such, the two new variants are helping drive developments in countries such as China where there is a huge demand for enhanced smoke egress and improved indoor air quality.

Grant Stratford, Technical Director for Securistyle, comments: “The extension to the Parallel Plus range allows us to offer a superior opening width that still remains compliant. As more and more countries focus on sustainability and ‘green’ credentials, the bespoke hinges enable us to provide our customers with specific sustainable hardware that is proven to improve air quality.

“We’re even seeing more customers in Europe requesting bigger openings, particularly in Belgium and Germany, so the new variants are influencing commercial developments closer to home too.”

In addition, compliance with changing  legislation in some countries means that the further the opening distance you have, the less openings you may require. Therefore, not only do the hinge solutions meet regulations, but they will also reduce costs as the less openings you have, the more cost-effective the façade is.

The PX1300 hinge variant is currently going through final testing and will be available later this year.

For more information on the Parallel Plus range from Securistyle, please head over to our window hinges page.