Fairmont Hotel


The project is a 36 storey tower which consists of a hotel, offices, furnished and unfurnished apartments complex.

The basement accommodates a night club, main kitchen and stores, hotel staff facilities, and electrical and mechanical services. The ground floor encompasses the main entrance, reception / offices, central atrium & lounge, shops, coffee shop and room service, kitchens, entrances to penthouse, offices & apartments, pre-function hall and vestibule of the banquet hall. Available at the first floor are the banquet hall that accommodates up to 900 persons, kitchen, store, bar, speciality restaurants.

Available on the second floor are the business centre, bars, speciality restaurant, kitchens, audio-visual room and lobbies, mechanical rooms and plenum rooms, a banquet hall and a furniture store. The hotel administration and rentable offices are found on the fourth floor. The fifth and seventh floors comprise office floors, bridges across main atrium. At the ninth floor are the swimming pools and pool deck spaces, health club, gymnasium, aerobics, games rooms, stores, roof gardens and toilets. Bridges across the main atrium and glass deck skylight. The third and eighth floors are technical floors. The construction cost of this was $150 million and completed in 2002.