Edificio Esquilache


When architects Reynaldo Ledgard were tasked with building a new skyscraper office block in San Isisdro district of Lima, Peru, they turned to well established manufacturer of quality, innovative hardware for window and door industries, Securistyle for its Sterling Hinge.

Constructed in 2008, the Edificio Esquilache is concrete, aluminium and glass reinforced building which spans 16 floors and five additional basement floors. With a modern architectural style, it is home to offices and a parking garage. Each of the windows on the high rise development can be opened individually, and by using the top hung Sterling hinges with their proven strength, the architects were able to ensure the levels of durability by such a project.

The high grade austenitic steel used during the manufacturing of the Sterling Hinge is specifically selected to provide increased strength and long-term resistance to corrosion, resulting in a robust product that can also boast superior weather sealing.

The hinges offer a superior carrying capacity, which meant that the building could be designed with large vents, allowing plenty of natural light into the offices. Natural light is proven to help promote efficiency and general wellbeing in a working environment.

Capable of achieving all leading international standards, including the UK BS 6375; the North American AAMA 901.1; and the Singapore Standard 212, the Sterling is also fully supported by a 12 year guarantee.