Loyola University


Solomon Cordwell Buenz were briefed to combine the already existing facilities of the one libraries and IT services of Loyola University to provide the undergraduates a usable and practical study space called the Information Commons.

Completed in 2008 Loyola University now houses a 69,000 square foot digital research centre on the shore of Lake Michigan. The information commons uses a number of natural and mechanical systems to provide a well ventilated and sustainable environment for the students of Loyola University; this includes Securistyle's Parallel Plus Hinge System.

The 21st century building offers not only the latest computer technology but a team of experts to with it supporting all the needs of students and staff. Founded on the philosophy of the three C's - collaboration, connectivity and community, the Information Commons is the result of the student population of Loyola University being the focal point of the building. The Information Commons were also designed to provide a flexible, open, empowering and comfortable environment for them.

The Parallel Plus hinge system allows for optimum ventilation through an open window, whilst limiting the opening to make the windows more secure and to prevent occupants from falling. Like all heavy duty hinges from Securistyle, this system is manufactured from austenitic grade stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance, and is backed by a 12 year guarantee. This was a significant benefit with the building so close to Lake Michigan.