46 Foley Street


To create a spacious and well ventilated work environment in the centre of the city.

46 Foley Street houses 20,000 square feet of newly refurbished, modern office space in the heart of the capital.

The large oak frame windows allow plenty of natural light into the building and the use of Securistyle's parallel hinge system provides maximum balanced natural ventilation in a safe and secure environment.

The building has been fitted with parallel windows on the lower ground, ground and 1st floor of the front elevation (Foley Street) and lower ground and ground of the rear elevation (Riding House Street).

The parallel vents are around 2.2m tall x 0.7m wide. The windows on the rear elevation are around 2m tall and 1m wide. All open with a two handed operation using handles mounted on either side of the oak vent.

The balanced air exchange provided by a parallel window, set at a clear opening of only 40mm, is equivalent to a conventional top or bottom hung window opened to, in excess of, 100m. (Source: Building Research Establishment). Nicholas Burwell have chosen a sustainable alternative ventilation package which works well for both the occupants and for the building's owners.

As with the other commercial hinges developed by Securistyle, Parallel Plus is manufactured from high grade 304 austenitic stainless steel. This high-grade material provides increased strength and guaranteed long-term resistance to corrosion, fully supported by a 12 year guarantee.