Securistyle offer City of New York Department of Health accredited window hinges and restrictors

Securistyle is able to provide fabricators with a range of market leading window hardware that is certified for use by the City of New York Department of Health’s Window Falls Prevention Program.

Grant Stratford, Securistyle’s Technical Director, commented: “The NYC Health Code requires landlords of buildings of three or more apartments to provide and properly install approved window guards on all windows in an apartment where a child of 10 years of age or younger may reside, as well as hallway windows. You cannot supply products for use within these buildings in the City of New York unless they have been accredited against the NYC Health Falls Prevention Program. We gained certification for our first product back in 2010. Now, all of Securistyle’s detachable window restrictors and Parallel hinges with limit stop are endorsed for use and are clearly stamped with our accreditation number - #HDLD 04-02-2010.”

All windows submitted into New York must be restricted to a four inch opening gap. To gain the accreditation the Securistyle hardware underwent rigorous testing at an independent third party test facility in the USA. This involved ensuring that the opening gap allowance was not affected when subjected to various forces.

Grant adds: “Being able to provide hardware which already complies with the requirements set out in the City of New York Department of Health’s code of practice has been proven to benefit not only our big distribution partners in the United States, but a range of global companies who are fabricating windows for building projects within the city.

“By selecting Securistyle Parallel hinges or detachable restrictors you can be confident that you have the right products to comply with this compulsory standard.”

If you wish to find out how Securistyle can help you to meet the City of New York Department of Health’s Window Falls Prevention Program, please contact the team on 01242 221200.

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