Securistyle Release White Paper Exploring the Benefits of Natural Ventilation

Our latest white paper is a study of sustainable specification, and the ways that natural ventilation can improve our buildings and environment.

Ventilation is a hot topic in the world of construction. With industrial building design trends leaning increasingly towards sealed façades, temperature regulation tends to fall on artificial means.

But as we are all too aware, piping in air and cooling it mechanically is expensive and harmful to the environment.

Our latest white paper looks at this issue in-depth. We consider how architects and designers can utilise natural ventilation to cool building interiors effectively and cleanly, reducing both the financial burden and carbon cost in the process.

Grant Stratford, Technical Director at Securistyle, comments: “More than ever, the buildings we live and work in need to be designed to take advantage of the natural ventilation offered by the air around us. But doing so requires us to specify the right products and technologies.

“This white paper provides a useful insight to help customers when specifying windows in a range of commercial buildings, such as office blocks, hospitals or universities.”

To download a copy of the ‘Sustainable Specification: Realising the Benefits of Natural Ventilation’ white paper, please click here