Tech Gate Tower


To create a dynamic, state-of-the-art urban centre to house some of the top research facilities and technology companies in Vienna. Functionality, aesthetics and durability are key elements in the construction, creating an optimum work environment.

The Tech Gate Tower is a V-shaped construction with a curved facade of aluminium and glass creating a striking impression on the skyline. The building provides 200m2 of office space, offering a working environment far surpassing that of the tradition office blocks.

The building houses offices of several large technological and scientific companies, a Visual Reality Centre and exhibition areas. The highlight of the building is a highly desirable location for conferences, meetings and seminars; the Tech Lounge. This is a large meeting room with all-around glazing and a stunning panoramic view across Vienna.

Securistyle's Sterling Hinges with their superior carrying capacity, allowed the architects to design the building with large vents to allow plenty of natural light into the offices, and to make the most of the views across the city.

The durability of the construction was a key factor in the design; the high grade austenitic steel used to manufacture the Sterling hinge made it the ideal product choice for the architects. This high-grade material is specifically selected to provide increased strength and guaranteed long-term resistance to corrosion, fully supported by a 12 year guarantee.