GT Tower East


To create a building that contrasts with the surrounding Gangnam Business District of Seoul.

This unusual architectural masterpiece was designed by the Dutch architectural firm, ArchitectenConsort. The GT Tower East has a unique glass facade which features Securistyle's Heavy Duty Parallel Plus Friction Hinges. The skyscraper, situated in Seoul, stands 130 metres tall and is ranked in the top 100 tallest buildings in South Korea.

The building, completed in 2010, comprises of twenty-four levels with a further eight levels underground. The tower is used for a combination of commercial purposes and offices.

The wave shaped office building won the Seoul Architecture Prize of the year 2011, and was nominated and judged by a Korean Jury. The dynamic glass facade adds a dimension of movement when viewing the building from ground level which gives the illusions of surging waves.

With a strong focus on sustainability as part of their key design, Securistyle's Heavy Duty Parallel Plus Friction Hinges help to provide part of the solution for a sustainable environment. Along with all of Securistyle's austenitic products, the Parallel Plus friction hinge comes with a 12 year guarantee.