Ministry of Education


To create an energy efficient, durable, yet contemporary, office building to house the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education building is visually pleasing, modern high-rise office block. The architects have modernized the traditional Asian pagoda-style building and created a 24 storey construction featuring multiple trellises, recesses and sun-sharing louvres. The 24-storey tower is connected to a 5 storey podium block which is set within four basements and courtyard.

A key feature of the building is its energy efficiency, the construction is one of the first commercial buildings to adopt an under-floor air-conditioning system that also controls dust within the offices.

The building also boasts a large auditorium seating up to 450 people for corporate presentations, all connected for IT use, and video link technology for meetings and seminars.

Securistyle's Sterling hinge has been used on this award winning construction. The durability of the construction was a key factor in the design; the high grade austenitic steel used to manufacture the Sterling hinge made it the ideal product choice for the architects. This high-grade material is specifically selected to provide increased strength and guaranteed long-term resistance to corrosion, fully supported by a 12 year guarantee.